Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sociology Finance Project Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sociology Finance Project - Term Paper Example I learned what I was spending my money on. Now that I know what I am spending money on I can take corrective actions in order to lower my expenses and begin to have a budget in which each month I obtain a surplus of money. During the last two months I have kept track of my monthly expenses. I categorized my monthly expenses in the following 13 accounts: gasoline, food home, fast food, snacks & candy, school supplies, rent, utilities, insurance, hygiene products, entertainment, clothing, miscellaneous, and cellular. The average monthly expenses for the last two month are illustrated in the budget below. My monthly expenses during the last two months amount to $1300 a month. Currently my income sources to pay for those expenses are a part time job, family contributions, and money left over from a scholarship and student loans. I was amazed to find out that I spend that much money each month on my living expenses. Since I did not keep track of my expenses in the past I was never able to save money. My largest expense account is my monthly rent. In reality despite the fact that I pay $275 a month I consider that my rent expense is low in comparison with other housing options available in my region. The second largest expense I have is my utility bills which consist of electricity, water, internet, and cable. I am currently paying $225 on utilities. Food is also a major expense in my life. I subdivided my food expenses into three categories: home food, fast food, snacks & candy. I spend each month $126 on home food, $107 on fast food, and $25 on snacks & candy. The total monthly expenditure on gasoline during the last two months was $123. My entertainment expense amount to $86 a month. Some of the things that I do for entertainment are going to the movies, playing miniature golf, and playing video games at the arcade. Since I usually buy most of my clothes during Christmas season my monthly expense on clothing was only $62 a month. I do not have

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