Wednesday, October 30, 2019

International business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 2

International business - Essay Example There is need for increased globalization since there are many benefits associated with it that ought to be fully utilized for common good of all nations in the world. Thus, the problem is that there is no much globalization for countries to effectively utilize these advantages that accrue to it. As countries, continue to interact and integrate their economies, the dividing walls of hostility that separate trade between countries are broken. This results to free trade where goods and services are exchanged freely across the borders of countries involved with minimal restrictions from the relevant authorities and agencies. Free trade necessitates countries to specialize in the production of only the goods and services, which they have a comparative advantage over the other nation probably because of better resource endowment or other factors that make them to be best suited. Specialization leads to production of goods of high quality since most of the resources are channelled towards production of a specific good and repeated production of the same product is likely to lead to improved quality. Specialization is also associated with incurring of less cost of production which is translated to the final price presented to consumers hence it makes products to be cheaper. Globalization results to movement of labourers from one nation to another without incurring heavy costs that are normally associated with migration and without spending a lot of time (United Nations & Ocampo, 2002 p. 73). Free movement of workers is beneficial to workers since it provides employment opportunities that are not available in the home country hence making them to be economically stable. The workers in turn contribute to economic growths of their home countries when they repatriate back their savings in form of investments and other income generating ventures. The host countries benefit from the services of the foreign workers which are not locally available

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