Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Digital Digest of Mexican Art in the News Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Digital Digest of Mexican Art in the News - Essay Example One of the works of art that still being admired in today’s era is the Nativity Group with Angel of the 18th Century Guatemalan. This piece of art describes the era of crucifixion and shows the mother of Christ, Mary and his father Joseph. They are clothed in silk robes which signify a touch of the Asian fashion. This drawing depicts the Virgin Mary as in the face of a Hispano-Philippine. This is deduced from the eyes being heavy-lidded and the oval face that is braced with pure countenance. The drawing also depicts the usual culture of the silk from the Chinese that is attained through the Galleon trade. The design that was generated by the workshops that created the Guatemalan sculptures maintained a constant style over the years. The paint also demonstrates the influence of Guatemalan estofado through the use of gold textiles and silk that was lavish. This was achieved through a unique form of painting that had more freedom to try out different styles enables variety witnessed in the sculptures. They used a variety of patterns and the painting can therefore effectively be used to determine the setting that was intended to be expressed. This painting is of great value and is also describes the culture of Spanish American style. The portrait is put together with wood, polychrome and glided. It has eyes made of glass and halos that are silver-glint. Jose Manuel de Cervantes y Velasco is a portrait that dates to 1805. It is of a toddler and depicts him lying in a coffin that is lace-trimmed. This toddler is dressed just like the Archangel Michael with wings that are jewel studded and a crown that is plumed. Both of the above paintings, though from different artists are a depiction of culture and a window into historical beliefs. The Nativity group angel and the Jose Manuel de Cervantes y Velasco are portraits that were developed with great keenness to detail. The grace captured in the portraits is almost tangible at

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