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Contemporary International Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Contemporary International Relations - Essay Example It is then an attempt to the resolution of such disputes, the experts and philosophers presented different possible theories that can explain the said case. The most prevalent of such theories are the theory of the clash of civilization and the theory of the clash of fundamentalism. These theories pointed out the possible reasons for the conflicts that had been occulting in relation to the contemporary International Relations. Upon the determination of the said theories, it can be considered that the problems, conflicts and disputes that are being faced by the international community can be resolved. To be able to determine the feasibility of the two theories, it is important to determine the issues that are covered by the two theories. Upon determination of the background information regarding the said concepts, a comparative analysis can be undertaken. There are different views that can be related to the Clash of Civilization. The most common and dominant of which are the views of Samuel Huntington and Bernard Lewis. Generally, the theory of the Clash of Civilization is aimed to explain and analyse the different conflicts that can be observed in the contemporary era specifically in the international community and the relationship among nations. Samuel Huntington presented the Clash of Civilization as a view on the International Relatio... Specifically there factors are considered as the main reasons for conflict in the international community according to the theory of Huntington which is founded on the different events and scenarios in the political and economic world. In addition, the said theory is a presentation in relation to the work of Francis Fukuyama's work (Huntington 1). On the basis of his view then, differences can arise on the basis of cultural backgrounds. The differences and the individuality along with other sources of differences that can be related to the culture and traditions of the people can considered covered even the different philosophies, language, history and religion. In general, he referred to civilizations as the highest form of the said grouping. The civilizations divide the world into different groups. The Western civilization though is one of the most evident, thus, in terms of the view with regards to conflict, the nations that are included in the West are commonly included and often seeking allies from different regions (Huntington 1). Such view then can explain the division of the contemporary era, the west and the eastern civilization. Although there are other civilizations, the clash in the present era commonly involves the Western civilization and the area wherein the Muslim religion had originated. This can be related to the other theory which is the Clash of Fundamentalism. Bernard Lewis' View The view of presented by Bernard Lewis can be considered as the earlier one, basically due to the fact that the term can be traced from the study that he had undertaken and presented that was entitled The Roots of

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