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Background Information Of Albert Camus English Literature Essays

Background Information Of Albert Camus English Literature Essays Background Information Of Albert Camus English Literature Essay Background Information Of Albert Camus English Literature Essay Albert Camus novel, The Stranger, undertakings his ain position and positions about life personified by the supporter Meursault who is similar to him yet different in many facets based on his character and behaviour. Yara F. Sayah IB1 Antonine International School Ajaltoun Ms. Maya G. El Zoghby January 13-14, 2011 Outline: Introduction Background Information of Albert Camus: -Personal and Education -Death Major Plants Plaies Awards/Prices Manner of Hagiographas Comparison between Albert Camus and Meursault and the relationship between both of them Quotation marks Citations Introduction: You will neer be happy if you continue to seek for what felicity consists ofaˆÂ ¦You will neer populate if you are looking for the significance of lifeaˆÂ ¦ Does nt this quote remind you of a celebrated Gallic author and philosopher? My name is Yara Sayah and I have the pleasance of presenting a celebrated Gallic author and philosopher whose Hagiographas have surely affected my life positively and I hope that following my presentation, you will be inspired to read his Hagiographas. And I wish your life will be positively affected every bit good. In the undermentioned talk, I will be presenting, comparing and contrasting Albert Camus with the supporter of his novel, Meursault, trusting to cast the visible radiation on the relationship between both of them. Background information of Albert Camus: -Personal and instruction: Albert Camus was born in Mondovi, in Algeria, in a on the job category household in 1913. His female parent, Catherine Helene Sintes, came from a household of Spanish beginnings. She was an illiterate cleansing adult female. His male parent, Lucien Auguste Camus worked as an agricultural labourer and died in 1914, after the conflict of the Mane. When his male parent died, Camus was less than a twelvemonth old. In 1923, Camus won a scholarship to the secondary school in Algiers. He studied at that place from 1924 to 1932. Tuberculosis put an terminal to Camus s athletic activities, and this disease troubled him for the remainder of his life! Camus held different occupations in Algiers between the old ages 1935 and 1939. He joined the Communist Party, but his involvement in the plants of Marx and of Engels was to a certain extent superficial. The most of import authors harmonizing to him were Andre Gide and Andre Malraux. In 1936, Camus received his sheepskin of advanced surveies in doctrine in the University of Algiers. He made his first visit to Europe to retrieve his wellness. Camus was active in theatre while his repute of taking writer was turning in Algeria. In 1938, he moved to France. The following twelvemonth, he divorced his first married woman, Simone Hie, who was a morphine nut. He worked for the Alger-Republican from 1938 to 1940. He so married Francine Faure, a piano player and a mathematician. He worked as a reader and editor of Espoir series at Gallimard publishing house in 1943. Camus spent some clip in New York in 1946.He worked as a journalist for lExpress from 1955 to 1956. Camus was be aftering to compose a novel about turning up in Algeria and to direct a theatre of his ain, at the clip of his decease. His unfinished novel, La mort heureuse published in 1970, was written between the old ages 1936-1938. It presented him, or Patrick Meursault, seeking his felicity from Prague to his hometown in Algiers. To gain money, Camus used to take uneven occupations like an helper, a private coach, etc. -Death: On January 4 1960, Camus died at the age of 46, in a auto accident. In his coat pocket was found a train ticket. He had planned to go with his married woman and duplicate kids, Catherine and Jean. The driver of the auto Michel Gallimard his publishing house and close friend, besides died with him in the auto accident. Camus was buried in the Lourmarin graveyard in France. Major plants: Lenvers et lendroit in 1937, the first book of Albert Camus, written at the age of 22 was a aggregation of essays. He dedicated it to Jean Grenier his doctrine instructor. The alien his 2nd novel, foremost appeared in Algeria before the war, and so was published in 1942. Besides in 1942, Camus philosophical essay Le mythe de sisyphe appeared. Camus published his 3rd novel in 1945 La peste an fable of the Nazi business of France. He wrote Lhomme revolte in 1951, a novel that explores the theories and signifiers of humanity s rebellion against authorization. La chute was one of his major plants written from the late fiftiess. This book was published in 1956. In Le Prime Minister homme , published in 1994, Camus charted his secondary school old ages, and the history of his household. The manuscript was found in the auto in which he died. Plaies: Caligula, performed in 1945 and written in 1938. Requiem for a Num in 1956. The misinterpretation in 1944. The State of Siege in 1948. The merely bravos in 1949. The possessed in 1959. Awards/ Prizes: Camus won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1957. Manner of Hagiographas: Camus gained acknowledgment as a major literary figure because of his vigorous, energetic, dynamic, limpid manner of authorship. Comparison between Albert Camus and Meursault and the relationship between both of them: Camus and Meursault were in working category household Camus was one of the taking authors of the Gallic opposition and editor of an belowground newspaper during World War II. And after World War II, people lived the manner Meursault was populating. They did nt hold any hopes and their lone chief end was survival. Camus lived through the World War II and must hold been affected by the decease of the 1000000s of people, and that may be why he wrote that Meursault killed the Arab in such a manner. Quotation marks: The absurd is the indispensable construct and the first truth. Always travel excessively far, because that s where you ll happen the truth. I rebel ; hence I exist. But what is happiness except the simple harmoniousness between a adult male and the life he leads? Autumn is a 2nd spring when every foliage is a flower. Do non wait for the last judgement. It takes topographic point every twenty-four hours. Do nt walk behind me ; I may non take. Do nt walk in forepart of me ; I may non follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Citations: hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // ( novel ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

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