Thursday, February 27, 2020

Why There Would Be No People Without Plants Essay

Why There Would Be No People Without Plants - Essay Example Both the plants and human beings are said to be living in a balanced state together. The plants use the carbon dioxide released by the human beings to their advantage and release oxygen. The plants have leaves which have a structure known as stomata. This stomata is a microscopic structure which helps in taking carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in the environment. Stomata ensure that the needs of the plants are fulfilled by taking in the necessary amount of gases and elements. These stomata are also referred to as the mouth of the plants because it helps in the intake of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen as necessary. It also helps in serving food to the plants by converting carbon dioxide into sugar via the process of photosynthesis. This essay would revolve around the significance of plants in the lives of the human beings (Smith 2010; Corner 1966). Plants undergo different processes to produce oxygen and these processes also help to make food for the plants themselves. While carbon dioxide is converted into sugar by the plants the process of transpiration also takes place simultaneously to release water vapors. Transpiration helps the plant to breathe in carbon dioxide because of the water that it releases. Light is also necessary for plants to produce food and oxygen. In the world today different gases exist together in the atmosphere including oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is necessary that these gases are balanced together so that human beings can exist. Plants balance these gases in the environment by the process of photosynthesis and respiration. In night when the plants do not have enough light they start producing carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. This helps to balance the gases in the environment and thus help the human beings to exist (Corner 1966). At many instances people tend to ask as to why do human beings really need oxygen for life. The answer for it can be found in the basic physiology of the human body. As human beings inhale

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