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Empire Windrush Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Empire Windrush - Essay Example The continuous process of the country's growth is a never-ending process, which accounts for the present societal circumstance the Empire has. Its multicultural affinity to various regions in the world has opened up countless opportunities towards improvement of the living standards in Britain. At present, more than 5% of the British population originated from parentage that is predominantly non-British. These include the Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Russian, Africans and Americans (Schiavone, 2003). Also, the number of overseas workers continues to surge ahead. This openness to diverse cultures has paved way for the present status of Britain constituting of different mixtures of excellent methods of civilisation. In addition to that, it also gave way for the country's rich knowledge in different fields including international marketing. Truly, the cultural affinity of the country has led to knowledge cultivation that the country presently enjoys and utilizes towards prov iding a higher degree of citizen satisfaction. Incontestably, the modern Britain owes its current prominence to its history. Britain's rich history is indeed one of the major contributing factors to the country's high quality of life. Judging by its wealthy heritage, numerous historians have long predicted the respectability that previously awaited the country. Indeed, one of the strongest bases for such predictions is the Empire Windrush. The Empire Windrush is a gigantic ship that sailed from Britain to different parts of the world. It is a significant landmark in the multiculturalism background of modern Britain (Kurdi, 2000). The ship Empire Windrush brought the first group of approximately five hundred immigrants to Tilbury near London on June 22, 1948. The Windrush was en route from Australia to England via the Atlantic, docking in Kingston, Jamaica. An advertisement had appeared in a Jamaica newspaper offering cheap transport on the ship for anybody who wanted to come and work in the UK. There was plenty of work in post war Britain and industries such as British Rail, the National Health Service and public transport recruited almost exclusively from Jamaica and Barbados. Though African-Caribbean were encouraged to journey to Britain via immigration campaigns created by successive British governments, many new arrivals were to endure intolerance and extreme racism from certain sectors of indigenous British society. This was to mark African-Caribbean relations with the wider community over a long period. Early African-Carribean immigrants found private employment and housing denied to them on the basis o f race. Housing was in short supply following the wartime bombing, and the shortage led to some of the first clashes with the established white community. Clashes continued and worsened into the 1950s, and there were riots in cities including London, Birmingham and Nottingham. The Second World War paved way for a number of number of outlets including science, technology, art, literature, culture and most of all socio-economic development in a distinct manner. It should be noted immigration changes the demography of a nation and why only demography It influences the local population in a diverse manner whereby the immigrants, though economically backward, generally, bring in their exotic culture and distinct

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